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Request format


Data Types - Domain With Whois Packages

  • fldb- Full Database (All Domains in one .csv file)
  • prdb- Proxies Removed (Except privacy domains all are in one .csv file)
  • fcdb- Full Database Cleaned (All cleaned domains are in one .xlsx file)
  • aucdb- Austrlia Cleaned Database
  • brcdb- Brazil Cleaned Database
  • cacdb- Canada Cleaned Database
  • frcdb- France Cleaned Database
  • decdb- Germany Cleaned Database
  • incdb- India Cleaned Database
  • uaecdb- UAE Cleaned Database
  • ukcdb- UK Cleaned Database
  • uscdb- US Cleaned Database
  • spcdb- Spain Cleaned Database

Data Types - Domain Packages

  • ddu- Daily Domain Updates
  • drdu- Deleted Domain Updates
  • nrdmail- Newly Registered Domain - Email
  • nrdip- Newly registered domains + country & IP


  • Username (Email)
  • Password
  • yyyy-mm-dd.zip
  • Data Type


Typical API call example: https://www.whoisds.com/your-download/direct-download-file/Email/MySecretPW/yyyy-mm-dd.zip/DataType/home

This returns a .CSV/.TXT/.XLSX file with .zip compression contains full database of newly registered domains with whois database. Please check other data types to know more about the files.